Jason Crichton on Match Day Charleston SC   MATCH DAY - MID MARCH - MARCH 15th

Mid-March is when every 4th-year medical student in the U.S. learns where they will spend the next 3-4 years in their residency. This affects the real estate market in a big way when you are living in a city like Charleston with numerous hospitals, and a medical university. Future residents are immediately planning to move and even buy houses. Senior residents who will be graduating from residency in June, entering private practice or Fellowships, will also start their house selling and hunting for their next location. 

Those waiting on the announcement make a mad dash to find a home conceivably within a ten minute commute to the hospital hoping it will appreciate, or at least maintain its value during their residency. We suggest beating the rush by making an offer ahead of Match Day, contingent on the match. We have numerous listings within walking distance to downtown MUSC and Roper Hospitals, give us a call.